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Ice Cave Rave.

Getting ‘damme’ cool to genuinely refresh social explorers.


The Challenge.

Bring the “Ice Cold Refreshment” brand proposition to life.  Create a unique and memorable experience which will appeal to a social explorer audience.


Real world thinking.

Coors Light has a definitive brand proposition – Ice Cold Refreshment, and supporting this, a strong and recognisable ATL campaign.

The solution to our challenge was exploiting and maximising these unique assets, staying true to the brand story, and avoiding being identified as another brand trying to win round social explorers.

The Execution.

Introducing the Coors Light Ice Cave Rave – a touring replica of the infamous Ice Cave that Jean Claude Van Damme discovers in the ATL ad campaign, during his quest for ‘Ultimate Refreshment’.

Right from the Arctic explorers at the cave entrance, the activation harnessed the complete look and feel of the ATL creative, making it accessible to people up and down the country. A full working bar, ice sculptures, Mixmag programmed local DJ talent and an instagram booth ensured all visitors experienced true Ice Cold Refreshment.

The Results.

  • 20,000+ ravers
  • 11.5+ million social impressions
  • +33% ‘really refreshing’

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