Immersing New Yorkers in an artful cultural experience

The COVID-19 pandemic is the most significant global event in a generation, challenging us to adapt to a new way of life. To get inside the mind-bending cultural shift, Sense partnered with brand design studio, ThoughtMatter, to produce an experimental art piece that can serve as a long-term reminder of this unique place and time. This COVID experiential activation was aptly named Covidity.

At its core, Covidity was a digital art piece broken down into six wildly surreal worlds that represented the pandemic’s psychological effect on each of us. The short animated film, screened at key buildings and public outdoor areas across New York, is a visual poem that conjures familiar feelings of lockdown, juxtaposed with the relative freedom of being outside. The nightly screenings were supported with guerrilla fly posting, clean graffiti and mask distribution in order to drum up awareness and media hype.