The GreenJam experts’ guide to… accelerating your agency career with Lou Garrod

A regular series of panel sessions organised by the MAA, GreenJam looks at key issues facing marketing agencies. Each gathering features an expert panel, with the most recent including Sense Deputy MD Lou Garrod, who offered advice on how to best accelerate your agency career. During the session, Lou gave the following four tips:

Know your clients

Make sure you have an ally in your equivalent on the client side and get to know what clients want. Meet with them out of office time – at clubs, events, and conferences.

Do your research

If you work on an FMCG brand, have you read The Grocer this week? Follow trends in the industry, follow all the key people on Twitter, chat, and share their posts.

Win a client

New business is everybody’s business and can be one of the fastest routes to climbing the career ladder, through mining your contacts, passion points and interests.

Get a mentor

If your agency doesn’t have a mentor programme, approach a person you admire and ask them for mentorship.

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Tuesday 9 January 2018

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