Rainforest Rescue

Making a global issue feel local.

Everyone knows about the deforestation of the Amazon but few understand how their actions make an impact. To help Sky’s Rainforest Rescue mission (a CSR initiative in association with the WWF), Sense were tasked with helping the British public think differently about their own lifestyles and the issue of deforestation.

We knew our biggest barrier was relevance. Compared to other charitable causes, the deforestation of the Amazon is further down the list of most people’s immediate concerns. To care about anything far away you must appreciate what’s closer to home.

Our strategy was to rekindle people’s love for their local natural habitat whilst educating them on how they could help save the Amazon over 5000 miles away.

Cue Rainforest Rescue Discovery Trails. We created interactive walking trails in UK forests, with installations along the route that explored links between the surrounding nature and the Amazon. The result – people saw the issues in a whole new light and left feeling inspired to make real changes in their daily lives to make a difference.

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