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Everything you need to know about product sampling.

Sampling campaigns are often used by brands wishing to trial new products (NPD) and are almost deceptively simple. The aim is to get as many free products into the hands of your target audience at the best time possible. If done well, the product does the hard work and converts people to purchase. Despite the simplicity of sampling, there’s often a lot to consider before launching an effective campaign.

The aim of an intelligent a strategic sampling campaign is simple:

Present the product in the right context, to the maximum number of people possible

A sampling campaign that does this delivers both high reach and high conversion, which ultimately leads to ROI, the ultimate goal of any piece of marketing.

Brands needing to react quickly to changing consumer trends, stock challenges or reactive events can benefit from Rapid Response Trial solutions which match the brand to relevant sampling locations and use readily available kit to allow sampling to take place in under 2 weeks. 

How can you make product sampling campaigns more effective?

By strategic product sampling: it’s our ‘smarter’ approach to sampling campaigns.

STRATEGIC sampling is built on two key principles.

Maximising both reach and conversion.

How do we do this? There are a number of key considerations that a brand should consider before launching a sampling campaign.


Good marketing builds associates between certain need states and products. Once you’ve identified your perfect context, the job of sampling is simple. Get people to use the product in those circumstances and build that connection.


Once you’ve identified your context, you need to figure out how to distribute the maximum of number of products in it. Context and efficiency will guide where and when you run your campaign.


Creativity is used as a framing tool in an intelligent sampling campaign. We don’t want to create an experience that makes the product secondary. Good creative for sampling increases the conversion rate.

And always remember the three second rule. If people don’t get what your product is about in under three seconds, then your campaign isn’t working!

If you consider the above to help drive reach and conversion, you’re on your way to delivering an intelligent sampling campaign.

And it means thinking about the big picture of your impact – how can you make waves beyond that initial sampling moment, and, of course, how can you measure it.


For too long product sampling has been seen by many brands as a bolt-on activity, or worse something they do in a reactive way when they have the budget or stock. Intelligent product sampling rejects that view, treating it as carefully as any other part of an integrated marketing plan.

Product Sampling Brand Manager FAQ’s

Sampling can exist happily as a standalone, reactive experiential campaign. The most effective campaigns deploy assets from other media, and strengthen the core messages of a brand.

The product, audience and consumption occasion will determine the campaign structure and ultimately the investment and cost per sample. A tactical activity for example that requires limited engagement and explanation of the product, relies on minimal sampling ‘kit’ and can be distributed at high volume in quick succession, would result in a lower cost per sample (CPS) than an activity that sits higher on the engagement and interaction scale.

Each campaign is unique and multiple factors will affect the shape of the activity. We use proprietary location and demographic tools to research the best locations for the brand and product. The optimal position isn’t always the place with the most footfall.

Product sampling is a unique way to engage face to face with potential customers and sharing this experience with others goes hand in hand. In addition to organic shares across social channels by recipients, social mechanics can be added to a campaign structure to encourage further reach.

Product Sampling in Action

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