Be More Pick Up!

Encouraging the nation to adopt a bolder attitude to life.

With awareness low in the UK, Pick Up! needed a brand strategy to give them an identity and inspire people to try their product.

Our strategy was to turn the brand’s vibrant assertive assets into something tangible. This was no longer a brand that made no sense, this was the most confident biscuit brand in the UK.

The ‘Be More Pick Up!’ campaign invited people to be braver, bolder and more confident – just like Pick Up! In our first year we spoke to the serial apologisers and self-defeating fuss avoiders across PR and social and a 20-stop sampling tour delivering 2mn samples. In our second year, we delivered samples into people’s homes to change up family snacking habits using back to school e-commerce deliveries and door drops in retailer catchment areas.

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More agreement with “Pick Up! is truly different to other chocolate biscuit bars”
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PR impressions and 7m social impressions
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