Marriott International

Live at Aloft Homecoming Tour

Demonstrating a global commitment to music.

Marriott’s brand Aloft has an established music programme, supporting unsigned artists globally. However, the programme was losing relevancy and Sense were tasked with giving a refresh to the brand and their commitment to the music industry.

Our idea was to emotionally engage local audiences with a series of events bringing artists back to their hometowns at Aloft venues across the world.

We created an eight-stop global Homecoming Tour (LA, Madrid, Chicago, Dubai, Lima, Dublin, Shanghai) – a series of intimate concerts that embodied our commitment to an uncompromised musical experience for all. We brought together amazing performances, innovative AR technology, devoted fans and stunning Aloft Hotel venues to create something truly memorable.

Global events
Live guests
Billion PR impressions and 68.6m social impressions