COme In, Trip Out

A Christmas shopping retail experience like no other

M.A.C approached Sense to help bring their ‘Hypnotizing Holiday’ collection to life across flagship stores.  

The collection’s captivating, swirling designs led us to create a ‘Stop, Stare & Share’ retail experience strategy – utilising the world of optical illusions to stop people in their tracks and lure them into store.

By combining a range of tried & tested illusion tactics, we created a M.A.C shopping ‘trip’ like no other – where everything from window to till had maximum stare-ability, from bespoke ‘spinning’ roundels, magic warping floors, an upside-down room, and blink and you’ll miss it typography – all framed by an alluring fuchsia fascia.

Insta-renowned magicians increased stop, stare and shareability each weekend with M.A.C tricks and treats to redeem inside.


Flagship Stores Transformed


Gifts Given


Weeks Live