Is experiential an industry for life?

Recent research by Event magazine suggested that many people currently working in experiential agencies don’t view the job as a long-term option. Almost two-thirds (64%) of brand experience professionals surveyed said they did not see themselves remaining in the industry. On the plus side, 63% feel positive about their career progression and 69% say they have a good work-life balance. Meanwhile, there were signs that the industry is performing well, as 61% of agencies expect their workforce to grow in 2017.

So what does the fact that two-thirds of agency staff don’t see themselves staying in experiential actually mean?

Lou Garrod, Sense Deputy Managing Director, told Event that she believed the statistic was more about the changing nature of the industry, saying: “I do not think people ‘burn out’ and walk away from the industry. I think the stats are a result of the lines blurring between event/experiential/real world and ultimately advertising.

“We’re already seeing the type of brief that requires a discipline neutral response so I can see why people may not think their future lies in ‘events’. It’s up to agency employers to move with the times and not lose their best people in the process. Training, engagement, opportunity exposure are all key.”

Click here to read the complete article in Event.

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