Turning a festival activation up to 11.

Since its initial launch, Guitar Hero had slipped down the entertainment seekers gaming repertoire. With a re launch planned, finding a way to build buzz and visibility around the franchise was essential.

By showcasing the Guitar Hero Live product – the first version where you as the player take centre stage, we needed to create brand theatre on an ambitious scale to match the iconic nature of the product.

The standard industry model of just letting the game content do the heavy lifting, while passers-by get a view of the backs of lots of heads, wasn’t good enough. We wanted to stay true to the core principles of the game and give festival-goers an amplified experience of what it’s like to be a ‘real’ rock star. 

Say hello to The Amp – a festival icon which housed a highly immersive and theatrical experience that allowed festival goers to unlock their inner rock God – from a recording studio to green room, a full star rider was on offer.


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