Gorillas Delivery

Faster than you

Introducing the UK to a whole new way of grocery shopping.

Gorillas is a new $3b ‘unicorn’ that is taking the global grocery delivery market by storm, promising an easy, convenient way to buy quality grocery products, delivered to your home in under 10 minutes.


However, speed is not only a unique feature of the service, it’s a marketing imperative to win the race to dominate the UK market amidst fierce competition.

So, our highly reactive, hyper-local ‘Troop’ programme was launched, giving Gorillas the fastest way to create 10/10 brand awareness and education for shoppers, as well as an influx of instant sign ups in multiple new territories.

The unmissable activation team targeted densely populated city locations on their iconic electric urban trikes, offering free like-minded challenger products in exchange for shoppers downloading and registering on the App.

The campaign is ongoing, with no signs of slowing down as more cities are being added monthly to help Gorillas’ domination of the market to continue.

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