Product Sampling

A digital sampling solution that gets your brand directly into the homes of your target consumer.

Sense has developed a new digital sampling platform called ‘Total Trial’. This unrivalled platform gets samples directly into the homes of profiled target consumers. Products are enjoyed in their natural, real life usage occasion. Research shows this leads to a significant conversion to purchase versus other forms of less targeted sampling.

Working with some of the most exciting new and established brands, we are passionate about creating memorable sampling experiences that are proven to offer measurable results and actionable insights.

From The Experts In Product Trial

We can integrate the target ads with existing social and digital campaigns and influencer content – to a highly targeted audience, by reaching them where they interact online.

Key Benefits of Sense Digital Sampling, Total Trial

  • Minimal wastage, as all samples are requested via targeted ads
  • Immediate impact for NPD launches or range extensions
  • Highly targeted, down to brand purchasing level – filtered questions to ensure samples only go to your target audience (option for others to receive a coupon)
  • On-brand, using brand tone of voice for bespoke landing page
  • Collecting valuable data to enable follow-up communications
  • Effective measurement of your success with EMr, our dedicated trial and experiential measurement tool

So, how does it work?

We profile your audience and develop targeted social media content that reaches your ideal consumer.

Enticed and engaged, they make a sample request via social ad creation and management with all comms coming from your brand.

Fulfilment and delivery happen straight away. This is done via real-time API processing coupled with efficient fulfilment solutions.

Follow-up email comms, reminders, links, basket widgets and coupons are all geared towards driving purchase.

Lastly, we measure and gather insights so that we know how to make the brand experience even better. Brand affinity, purchase behaviour, comparisons with control group.

Meet Your Brand Objectives With At-Home Product Sampling

Let your products make an impact by getting them into the hands of your target customers in their homes. Measure their experience and learn more about your consumers from each interaction.

Speak to us about Total Trial and how it can help your brand leverage digital product trial marketing to your advantage.