An eventful 2021 has come to an end, and brands are bracing themselves for yet another transformative era of marketing. As we rediscover the pleasures of connecting in real life, away from screens, audiences worldwide will also be ready to interact with brands on a more personal level. Now is the time to tune into what audiences will be expecting of you as a brand, and figuring out how you can leverage this in 2022.

Sense have put together a comprehensive guide to the expected brand experience trends for 2022. Using our insight that has evolved with COVID, at-home experiences, and our recent stepping out into the world again, we can identify what experiential marketing trends will take centre stage in 2022.

Here is a brief overview of what to expect. You can download the brand experience trends report here.

Drawing People Back Into Stores With Enticing Experiences

The need for human connection is bringing audiences back into physical spaces. In 2022, we expect to see pop-ups continuing to drive sales, increase engagement, and boost awareness and visibility. In the meantime, established stores are investing in retail-tainment through highly personalised brand experiences.

The Joy Of Playing Outside

The renewed sense of freedom we are all feeling is the perfect point of opportunity for brands to connect in person. That freedom extends to enjoying the great outdoors again where we foresee some inventive brand experience trends taking root.

From art installations to interactive storefronts and QR-code driver murals, audiences can be met with increasingly high-tech visual and sensorial experiences. As the line between the online and physical space becomes thinner, virtual reality can play an even bigger role, bringing us a step closer to the metaverse.

Immersive Theatre Continues To Be A Source Of Inspiration For Brands

With interactive being among the most popular buzzwords of the coming year, immersive experiences are picking up where they left off pre-COVID. Following the inventive and captivating immersive theatre trend, it’s time for brands to jump in and deliver once-in-a-lifetime experiential wonders for their audiences to enjoy.

In our ever-transformative times, being mindful of these brand experience trends for 2022 will no doubt help spark some ideas for your marketing undertakings. From product launches to pop-ups, surreal experiential events to promotional activations, Sense is here to support your journey to making it happen.

Download the brand experience trends for 2022 report and pop us a mail afterwards when you’re ready to chat about bringing your experiential ideas to life.

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