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The Wonder Hive.

Bringing the wonder of honey to families across the UK.


The Challenge.

Rowse is the UK’s number one honey brand but was facing the threat of supermarket own label product taking their market share. The problem was that buyers were starting to believe that “honey was just honey,” and that the extra pennies spent on Rowse wasn’t worth it when cheaper alternatives were available. We needed to build loyalty amongst buyers and show how much sweeter life could be if they chose Rowse.

Real World Thinking.

Protecting the environment is a hot topic, and brands that can prove their credentials in this department often demand greater loyalty. We chose to showcase Rowse’s Hive for Lives initiative, an amazing scheme that not only helps protect nature, but also improves people’s lives around the world by offering them the chance to earn a living through beekeeping.

The Execution.

The Wonder Hive was born, a giant hive structure that took people on an interactive journey through the natural world of Rowse. Starting with the honey making process, through to recipe inspiration and then finally Hives for Lives, visitors had the opportunity to see through the eyes of a bee and challenged to carry as much pollen as a bee. The product was also sampled alongside the experience, so that people could get a proper taste of the real thing.


  • 3,000,000+ reached (excluding social media)
  • 267,000 goody bags distributed
  • 24% + shift in agreement for “Rowse Honey offers the best quality products”
  • 25% of non-buyers who visited the stand purchased the product four weeks after the activation

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