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The Nick Jr. Adventure Centre.

Tuning more families into the power of Nick Jr. shows.


The Challenge.

Whilst Nick Jr. is the no.1 kids network, research showed that children are loyal to individual shows rather than channels. So, in the face of increasing media fragmentation and fierce competition, Nick Jr. wanted a campaign that maintained their strong market position with kids and parents, increasing loyalty for their network as well as their programmes.


Real World Thinking.

Our strategy was to help visitors make the connection between the shows that kids love and the Nick Jr. brand. We decided to focus our activations on the “Big Five” shows and develop a roadshow where kids and parents could interact with different assets under the umbrella of Nick Jr.

The Execution.

The Nick Jr. Adventure Centre was created as a space where parents and children could play together to experience the exciting world of Nick Jr. Characters from the most popular shows on the channel hosted six activities that were each designed to develop a specific core skill through play – whether cognitive, motor, creativity or communication.

Navigating the space using their maps, children were rewarded for visiting all areas with an exclusive Nick Jr. goody bag, including character giveaways and merchandise.

The Results.

  • 8,754 parents and children interacted across the campaign
  • 1,848 parents signed up to the Nick Jr. fan club
  • 552 posts on Instagram using #NickJrAdventure, with a combined reach of 32,904

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