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The Cellar Bar.

Welcome to your new favourite wine.


The Challenge.

It’s tough to build brand equity in the wine business – the shelf is notoriously resistant to stand out brands, unlike beer, spirits, and other alcoholic drinks.

To break this inertia, the only solution is to infiltrate a wine brand into the heart of what people care about.  This was our mission with Dark Horse.

Real World Thinking.

Rather than giving people fast samples out-and-about, which would soon be forgotten, we wanted give people time with the brand, in a natural context where they could really enjoy the wine.

This was about pairings: the perfect full serve, surrounded by friends, in a beautiful environment that matched and echoed the rustic characteristics of Dark Horse.

Only through such a pure experience could we build the equity and memorability that would transfer to sales at a later date.

The Execution.

So we made the Dark Horse wine bar, and placed it at selected festivals around the country.  Initial trial was driven through free wine tasting experiences, which then naturally led to purchasing a full glass to enjoy with friends at your leisure.

Sales enabled us to create a “proper” trial experience, and made people feel more invested with the product, increasing its impact over that of a mere freebie.

The environment echoed the craft credentials of Dark Horse’s winemaker Beth Liston, ensuring full immersion without detracting from the product experience.


The Results.

  • £84,500 sales direct from experience; being paid to trial
  • 3,477 bottles sold
  • 21,544 deep trial experiences

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