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Be More PiCKUP!

Encouraging the nation to adopt a bolder attitude to life.


The Challenge.

With awareness low in the UK, PiCK UP! needed a sampling campaign that not only enabled large numbers of people trying the product, but also helped to fundamentally re-position a brand that lacked an identity.

Real World Thinking.

We realised that to drive product consideration, we needed to build a personality aligned with our brand assets, such as our vibrant packaging and assertive name. We knew that people like the product once they’d tried it. Our job was the build a coherent brand positioning that people would remember weeks after they’d had a taste.

The Execution.

The ‘Be More PiCK UP!’ campaign invited the people of Britain be braver, bolder and more confident, just like PiCK UP! is with its bright, brash personality. We spoke to the serial apologisers and the self-defeating fuss avoiders across PR and Social alongside a 20-stop sampling tour at the heart of the campaign. In our tongue and cheek manner, we encouraged people to abandon their default, over polite ‘British’ behaviours and be their boldest, brightest selves!

The Results.

  • Over 1.1M samples trialled across the UK
  • 61.9M total PR visibility
  • 7M Social views
  • 15% uplift in sales


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