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Meet Allan McBride, Sense London’s new Staffing Director.

Meet the newly boosted Sense London Staffing team.


If there’s one thing at Sense we like more than taking on new people, it’s welcoming them back. Why? Because we know we made such a great impression first time round that they’ve found us hard to beat. And that’s the case with our new Staffing Director, Allan McBride.

Al first joined the team back in 2013, when he joined Sense London as Staffing Manager and left us as Senior Staffing Manager in 2016 to follow a new pursuit. But he was back in 2018 as Interim Staffing Director and has now taken over the reins full time helping build and run peerless brand ambassador teams that light up our experiential campaigns. Sense Staffing are the team at Sense who provide the people who will be at the front line of the brands and campaigns that we execute.

Al is supported by the newly promoted Kelly Runza as Senior Staffing Manager and new starter Farouk Abiola as Staffing Manager.  See some of the fantastic campaigns the Staffing team support here.

Great to have you back, Al!